Dogs on you hotel

Dogs on you hotel

Human beings are not the only ones that need the best in comodity, wellbeing standards and a good architectural design. Dogs have forever been human’s best friend and in some way we have to give back to them what they have been gifting us since day one. Without any expectations or demands from us humans they have been taking care of us, protecting us and always giving us all of them. Since they are such a big and important part of our lives we have to take good care of them and why not give them their own paradise. Dogs are playful and always happy, always learning, in a way they’re not that different from our kids, so their paradise has to represent their essence perfectly. In this time we are living in standards have reached new levels especially in the past year where we had to rapidly adapt to big changes in our lifestyle. 

These big changes though did not affect only humans, dogs were affected as much as us or probably more since they can’t understand the situation and for them everything changed without reason, their outside time got taken away. And also they too can get sick from close contact. So, since this past year has brought humans living standards to new levels we have to bring these standards in even for dogs, this way we keep them safe and happy. 

 As said before in Dogs On You the design has to represent the dogs essence perfectly. So we came up with a simple but fun design of the space. We thought of the architectural design and interior design bringing comfort, wellbeing and fun inside as well as outside. Dogs On You is a space where any dog owner can bring their life companion in and leave them there under the care of a qualified staff. This hotel offers separate rooms for each dog, medical care if needed, relax time at their spa, care and fun products for them to take home but more importantly a lot of fun and happy moments. The rooms are categorised as standard, premium and VIP but even though they are categories each room provides comfort, good hygiene and good care. What separates these rooms are just extras as for example VIP rooms have TV, a lot of space, acoustic insolation, thermal insulation, direct garden view and personal care-taker. Except for their rooms, which they’re gonna be in only at night to sleep or depending on the needs the dog has, they have space to play and chill outside and inside. The space inside is simple with a little greenery but outside they have different activities they can do and a lot of free space. 

The backyard has a bone shaped pool for them to swim, different places around it for them to chill or sleep in the sun, a lot of free space to run, a training space to learn new tricks. In a few words for the dogs the backyard is their paradise as they can be themselves out there and do whatever they feel like. The place is surrounded by greenery, most of it covered in grass just so the dogs can be as close to nature as possible. But even though this is a dog hotel, of course, there are going to be people around (mainly staff) so the design of the space is not thought to be suitable only for the dogs but also the people taking care of them. 

They have a comfy reception at the entrance, good standards for the vet and spa personel and areas outside where they can hang out, or have a barbecue while watching the dogs. DOGS ON YOU mission is making the dogs relaxed and happy while their owner might be busy or on a trip, so they don’t feel their absence as much. They can make new friends in their little paradise and enjoy a place made just for them, full of colors, full of life.



74 m²


Tirana, Albania



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