Mediaflex Showroom

Mediaflex Showroom

Discover the news showroom of Mediaflex, (a brand that is specialized in producing sofas and beds) opened as an abstract showroom merging nature, fabrics and furniture. An Interior design that has become a window, a place to showcase the essence of the company with a strong soul, clean lines and relaxed elegance.
As we started to design this masterpiece we didn’t see the place as an showroom either we didn’t see the clients as “the clients”. For Angry Architects this area was sort of theatrical place where you can create and perform from time to time with different presentation. And the clients were our visitors, so the aim was to create a design that generates curiosity and gives the visitors the opportunity to meet at a high level of communication with the brand by exploring the stories and the ideas of the company.
We were ask by Mediaflex to create a dedicated place to showcase their fabrics and a low budged design. So we thought to create this kind of composition were catalogs merge with design by creating different intimated scenes but also to showcase the different materials they can offer for their products.


192 m²


Tirana, Albania



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